Diogenes A.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Python10
  • JavaScript10
  • GoLang3
  • Ruby3
  • Kubernetes1
  • Docker1
  • PHP1
  • HTML9
  • CSS9


  • João Pessoa, Brazil
  • I am a Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer with 10+ years of industry experience working with startups in Europe and the USA to curate cutting-edge software solutions/applications using Python, Ruby, Javascript, GoLang, PHP and Java. I employ the best practices software security and for software development in the delivery of high-quality solutions for clients.


Security EngineerMay 2020 - Present Remote (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Software Engineering, Security

Backend and scalable systems,


Skills: GoLang, Pentest, Cloud Security,
InfoSec / CTF PlayerFev 2018 - Present Remote (Brazil) Security Research, CTFs,Championships

CTF Team focused on learning security and playing championships.

CTFTime 2019's current position: 7th

CTFTime 2018's position: 60th

Skills: Web exploitation, Programming, Pwn, Reversing, Infrastructure, Security, Hardware Security
Senior Software EngineerJan 2019 - Apr 2020 Remote (Berlin, Germany) Core Developer, Performance Improvement, Full-Stack Engineering, Security, Operations

Creating and maintaning Golang and Typescript projects.

Creating scripts to move data from different sources.

Technical interviewer for accepting new freelancers into the platform.

Skills: JavaScript, Python, GoLang, HTML, CSS, Kubernetes, Docker
Software EngineerOctober 2009 - Present Remote Software Engineer

Efficiently scrapped the contents of huge websites and created new pages based on it.

Key member (Full-stack dev) of a car tracker software.

Delivered a lot of institutional websites.

Skills: JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS
Lead EngineerApril 2016 - April 2018 (2 years) Boston, USA Lead Developer, Performance Improvement, Technical Lead

Successfully hired and managed five developers to build, deploy and maintain the application.

Offered technical expertise and consultancy to the company to grow its client base and revenue by 500% through meetings with clients and the completion of technical products.

Efficiently architected the major components of the application, like the billing system, healthcare data connectors and the business intelligence app.

Skills: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Sidekiq, API
Founder2014 - 2016 (2 years) Joao Pessoa, Brazil Key Developer, Performance Improvement, Technical Support

Managed a team of two developers in delivering two working apps for Android and iOS.

Handled all communications with users, community and managed social media interactions, growing to 60k users, 10k on Instagram and 3k on facebook.

Provided technical leadership and direction for the development of the technical backend and apps on Android/iOS, using native technologies.

Skills: Django, Android, Objective C, API
Full Stack Developer2012 - 2015 (2 years) Chicago, USA Key Developer, Performance Improvement, Technical Support

Successfully refactored the client's payment system; decreasing bugs by 90% and implemented an alert system to warn of from other services.

Built the frontend of the new front page, which increased user conversion on new accounts by 50%.

Efficient wrote and executed a lot of end-to-end tests, to cover user interactions from 0% to 50% of the app.

Skills: Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Software Developer2011 - 2011 (6 months) Key Developer, Performance Improvement, Technical Support

Actively participated in the design, development and implementation of MapThatPad's web application.

Provided expert support for complex and advanced technical issues after implementation of the application for the client.

Implemented software best practices on the project for the company.

Skills: Django, JavaScript
Front-end DeveloperMay 2011 - August 2011 (4 months) Remote Charts implementation

Created different charts using Javascript Infovis Toolkit;

Skills: JavaScript, HTML5
Full-stack DeveloperMay 2010 - August 2010 (4 months) Remote Template Improvement, Development

Separated python code from HTML code using Jinja2 on templates

Implemented JS functions.

Skills: JavaScript, CSS, Python, Jinja2, MoinMoin
Full-stack DeveloperOctober 2009 - May 2010 (9 months) Brazil Key Developer, Performance Improvement, Technical Support

Offered technical direction and guidance for the development of different websites and systems for clients.

Provided support to clients by triaging bugs, responding to feedback, and fixing production issues.

Regularly implemented and maintained services that powered new features on projects for clients of Soda Virtual.

Skills: MySQL, SQLite, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django


Builder - Spacedrum The application helps users learn how to play spacedrums. Built the components of the project to present sound on an Audio API from HTML5.
Content Creator - Youtube Channel Regularly create content to show how to solve Capture-The-Flag challenges and also teach subscribers how to program (in progress).


Specialization in Ethical Hacking and CyberSecurity2019 - current
Specialization in Mobile and Embedded Devices2011 - 2012
Technology in Internet Systems2008 - 2010